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A Sampling of Norah Lindsay’s Favorite Design Principles

In Norah’s own words:

‘An elaborate colour scheme should include all the tints of the rainbow, but the colours should be kept in their own group, with delicate shading being preferred to violent contrasts. For example, ton sur ton produces a happier result than the placing of blue with orange and scarlet with white.’

‘There must be a constant variety in design, one group of plants showing off and enhancing the next, and a cunning juxtaposition of contrasts achieved by planting in patches.’

‘Borders should be long and straight with a width proportionate to their length.’

‘As summer wears on and plants die back, fill up any vacancies with annuals that maintain or improve the colour scheme and the original design.’

‘Above all, let no earth be visible, but crowd up the front with large comfortable mats of permanent things, which can brim over the edge in uneven groups.’


‘…it would be hard to find a more exciting planting than Mrs. Harry Lindsay had in her old garden at Sutton Courtney (sic), very tall poppies of a cool pure scarlet floating high above gray artemisia, and Santolina incana with dark old yews as a background.’

Mrs. Mary Helen Wingate Lloyd of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in an article for the Garden Club of America Bulletin after their tour of several English gardens in November 1929


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